Yes!! I want to move 
from dark clouds to dancing clouds today!
Let’s create an artistic masterpiece of connection together.

Like healing sunrays burst through dark clouds, 
Sheryl’s artistry penetrates life’s dark storm clouds 
to create a rainbow of deep relief, 
calm certainty and warm connections.

Are you looking for inspiration?
Maybe you have writer's block, and even though you have tethered yourself to your work station, the muse is silent.

Is your heart in need of healing?
Perhaps you have lost a relationship... one that was very dear to you.

Is your spirit longing for love?
Is it possible you feel disconnected from your own self, feeling there is no love for you?

These unique combinations of beauty, color, light, and space inspire profound healing through dancing clouds, cleansing storms, peaceful nightscapes, and soothing blankets of snow…

“This is my favorite! The dark blue, dark red, and deep gold at the center of the painting make me feel anchored, safe, and rooted; at the same time the swirling softer colors let my spirit rise without fear.”
-Kim Pearson, Writer, about 'Cloud Dance'

  “It's like rolling steam; only colored. It emanates energy; dance, indeed.”
-Tammy Cantrell, about 'Cloud Dance'

“Oh, wow!! Took my breath away! I am Cherokee and this color feels me!!, lol. I see so many different pictures within this picture. It's amazing!”
-Deborah Allen, about 'Chakra Shower'

Would a warm connection bring deep relief?

To begin your healing journey, download your free gift NOW, the “SunRay Art for Life” screen saver demo.   

Begin moving from storm clouds to dancing clouds today. You can have 7 beautiful images of Sheryl’s healing and inspiring art, dancing across your computer screen in a matter of minutes. Yours to enjoy for FREE for 30 full days.

Simply request your own demo copy of this beautiful screen saver montage by filling in the form provided to the left. 

You will receive your screen saver demo and be experiencing the beauty and the inspiration of Sheryl’s work in a matter of minutes!

Thank you for being here today - it is our great pleasure to serve you.

Your warm ray of sunshine, 

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